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Licensed & Certified to Practice Law

About Premium Partners

Our Firm

Premium Partners is a full service law firm that employs a creative and innovative approach in finding solutions to our clients’ legal needs. Smart advocacy and soliciting is the touchstone of our practice and our clients are our primary focus.

In January 2019 the management of Premium Partners and Lagem Firma & Partners which were independent law firms in Nigeria at the time merged together and adopted the name “PREMIUM PARTNERS” as the firms name. The merger between the two prior existing law firms saw the emergence of a strong and bigger full service law firm with enhanced expertise and expanded clientele.

The firm now have offices in virtually all the major cities in Nigeria and abundance of finest attorneys and solicitors from academic, political and social backgrounds.

We have offices in Lagos Island, Ikeja, Abuja and Owerri. We also have correspondence offices in Calabar, Umuahia, Port Harcourt, FCT Abuja, Yola and other cities across Nigeria.

The firm consists of a team of partners working closely with associates, paralegals, and legal assistants. The jurisdictional scope of our practice is both local and global; this is line with our recognition that today’s world has transformed into a global village where our clients’ business/legal needs stretch from Nigeria to major business cities around the world. To achieve the goal of solving our clients’ cross-border needs, our partners are licensed to practice both in Nigeria and internationally.

Modern day volatile and competitive business environment demands a tough, but pragmatic approach to finding legal solutions. Premium Partners provides the finest legal solutions for our clients at very minimal costs. We pride ourselves in maintaining a close and professional working relationship with our clients – we keep our clients involved all the way.

Areas of Expertise

Corporate and Commercial Practice

Our team of skilled and experienced lawyers has consistently demonstrated an ability to deliver clear, frank and timely responses to client’s enquiries.

Banking & Finance

Our Firm represents a wide variety of financial institutions including several of the leading merchant and commercial banks, various institutional lenders and borrowers in Nigeria.

Dispute Resolution Litigation and Arbitration

We have a highly skilled and experienced Dispute Resolution Team. We represent clients with the aim of reducing a lawsuit's disruptive impact whilst maximizing the chances of a successful outcome.


With the deregulation and liberalization of the Nigerian telecommunications sector, foreign and local investors have made remarkable impact in the telecommunications industry.

Intellectual Property and Information Technology

The growth of the Intellectual property and related concepts is on the increase in Nigeria and the Sub-Saharan region, and with this come the attendant rights, responsibilities and liabilities.

Real Property

Given the indispensable nature of land and its resultant transactions, we have become proficient in offering clients direction in the real estate and property markets in the region.

Energy and Natural Resources

Our Energy and Projects Practice Group is renowned for possessing thorough knowledge of the law and the business of energy (with emphasis on oil and gas law and electricity) and natural resources.

Transportation (Aviation and Maritime)

We have for several years been regularly involved in aero-political, regulatory, competition and privatization matters.

Immigration/Consular services

We provide assistance to Nigerians wishing to relocate abroad but having difficulty with the processing of necessary documents, by liaising with the relevant embassies in Nigeria.

Family Practice Laws

Our range of services includes child custody/support, divorce, wills and estate administration, decedent estate, among other things.

Special Projects

Legal services in relation to debt conversion, privatization and commercialization policies of the Nigerian Government and Project/Infrastructure Finance.

Meet Our

Our Lawyers are dedicated to provide their clients fair and easy legal service always.

Our team of skilled and experienced lawyers have consistently demonstrated an ability to deliver clear, frank and timely responses to client’s enquiries.

Our lawyers are diverse & give good insights to client’s cases, Also providing personal care & keeping your best interests in their minds.

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Premium Partners is dedicated to providing its clients fair and easy legal services always. Get in touch with us if you think we can help you better.